From The Archives 001: School Night Sessions 02


Back in 2004/2005 was a lovely little underground website for up & coming DJs to share their mixes. They were halcyon days, before podcasts had taken off, before commercial streams, when things still had a bit of a punk vibe.

It was because of Mixdepot that I later converted my icecast stream over to a podcast (RK1 -> RK2) and this was the first mix I posted that really started to get some attention. I was even able to find it on the Wayback Machine

  1. Jaruis Miller, Rose Petals.

  2. Morgan Page, Falling.

  3. That Kid Chris, Reflections.

  4. ONO, Will I.

  5. Roland Klinkenberg, Twighlight.

  6. Stan Kolev, Soma Funk.

  7. Roland Klinkenberg, O-Matic.

  8. James Zabiela, Skanksuary.


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